Instagram: jenna.bao


Artist Statement:

Bao’s work explores identity and adulthood inspired by vibrant neighborhoods and subcultures such as kawaii culture, nerd culture, lolita fashion and alternative lifestyles in Southern California. She transforms observations into color and form, generating temperament as subjects become embodiments of living fairytales. Certain elements of “the cutesy sublime” are also present in her works, namely with bursts of color, graffiti references and childlike marksmaking.

Bao received her MFA from Art Center College of Design (2014) and has shown at the Main Museum, Gallery CLU, Shoebox Projects, Promenade Gallery, Andrew Edlin Gallery, Gallery We, Gallery Do Arte etc. with works in various private collections. Her works have also been featured on LA18 TV, Modern Art Blitz, LA ART SHOW, Full Blede, 7x7 and San Diego Voyager Magazine. Her writings have appeared in catalogues and publications, of which have been included in the CalArts Special Collections, Tate Archive, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA), University Arts London Special Collections, Roger Ely Archive, James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library, FABRIK and LA Zine Fest Archives. She is currently the Artist-in-Residence at ESXLA. Some of her artistic inspirations include David Hockney, James Ensor and Cecily Brown.

Bao is also the moderator of the lolita fashion community in Los Angeles and a frequent host and sponsorship advisor of North America’s fashion tea parties such as 'The Los Angeles Lolitas Present: Welcome to the Magic Academy' (2017), 'Locoerio: Golden Tales of the West - LIEF International Tea Party' (2016), 'Winter Lumiere - International Lolita Day' (2015) and 'Lolita Academy - Wands of Illumination' (2015).

Bao currently dual-resides in Los Angeles and San Diego.